Why I Took A 6 Month Break From Blogging

I’ve finally found the time to sit down and just type… And it feels good! I always knew blogging was going to be demanding, especially if I wanted to be consistent and develop it into something special but for the past 6 months I just couldn’t get my head in the game! I just needed to chill, and as every blogger knows it can sometimes be demanding; keeping up with emails from different companies, interacting with other bloggers, keep your social media up to date. You really are the admin, marketing, creator of your own little world/ business. A number of things have contributed to me needing a small break from blogging…

I work 9-5 but have the worst sleep pattern on the planet… I would get in from work and crash. I mean literally crash out and not wake up until 8/9 at night, then I’m WIDE AWAKE until 1/2 in the morning! So of course, then I am seriously tired the next day and do the same. It was a constant cycle of being exhausted when I got in from work, then wide awake at daft’o’clock in the morning!

I have really been trying to improve my health. Not only from a “sleep pattern” perspective but my weight and overall fitness. Having hyperthyroidism has been a real struggle for me; it definitely contributes to my fatigue, but my weight has been an issue for a couple of years. In the New Year I vouched to lose 30lbs this year! I need to. So I have been concentrating on just generally getting fitter.

The past month or two I have slowed down but I have lost a total of 13lbs, which I am really happy with because I am so close to half of my 30lb goal! I have needed to change my diet and improve my fitness for a long time. I have found been using Protein World shakes and porridge and LOVE IT! It is the one “diet range” that I have been able to stick to and really enjoy using it! I have tried the Chocolate shakes, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Latte. I live for the chocolate porridge with some strawberries for my breakfast, which I never used to eat! I won’t deny the fact that I am still quite bad, my diet definitely still needs improving but it is miles away from how bad it used to be! The gym is still my worst nightmare… I have 3/4 weeks that I love going and will go literally everyday, then I will have 3/4 weeks where I can’t stand the thought of going because of how tired I am!

But I am feeling extremely positive and ready to continue my journey to becoming healthier! So now that I’m feeling a littler more positive about my lifestyle I have jumped back on my laptop and decided I am ready to pick back up the mad world of blogging.

I didn’t plan to stop blogging for so long I just couldn’t find a second to do it! I’ve needed to concentrate on myself and get myself to a happy place for ages! I have so many drafts in the back-end of my blog that I am looking forward to picking up and getting published! I haven’t checked my emails for 6 months… horrendous I know! So I am slowly but surely catching up! Some times I forget that this is my blog and that I can do things in my own time and at my own pace. The pressure can be crazy!

But hopefully I can finally get my head back into the game and enjoy blogging again… when I have the time!