What I’ve Learnt From My First Year Of Blogging

I have been blogging since October 2015 and have learnt A LOT! I originally started my blog because I didn’t really have a hobby – I would go to work, come home and binge watch crap TV, basically do nothing valuable with my time.

My big sister; Emma, runs a blog (Em’s Mixed Bag) and I loved keeping up with it and looking through her photos. So I thought, I want to create my own!

I started quite nervously; who would want to read me waffling on? But I love photography and beauty so threw myself in the deep end and created Sophie Loves Beauty. So after a full year of blogging I want to share with you my top 10 realisations of running my blog…


Of course I didn’t expect it to be a walk in the park but I have found it difficult to really get my head in the game! At first I didn’t really know what to write about;  What if I’m boring? What if no one is interested in what I’m writing about? Am I doing this right!?!? Continue reading “What I’ve Learnt From My First Year Of Blogging”