How Much Is My Face Worth?

I have seen the #Howmuchismyfaceworth tag going round for a little while now and thought it was great! Being able to see what makeup looks people can do with different makeup, budget or expensive! So here is mine….

Estee Lauder Double Continue reading “How Much Is My Face Worth?”


Maybelline “The Nudes” Eyeshadow Palette

I wasn’t going to review this product but it is just too good not to! The Maybelline “The Nudes” Palette is one of the best drug store eyeshadow palettes I’ve owned. For a great price of £9.99 it really is a great product.

Although Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes are deemed to be everyones must haves I do believe for a drugstore product this is a great cheaper alternative. Continue reading “Maybelline “The Nudes” Eyeshadow Palette”

Home Inspiration April

Me and my boyfriend, Kieran, have been house hunting now for around 6-8 months. We obviously want to be prepared so have be buying everything we can including some gorgeous home accessories.

In the image above:

Large Cream Lantern – Ikea £7

Small Steel Lantern Continue reading “Home Inspiration April”

Ciaté Nail Polish Advent Calendar

The past couple of months have been mega busy; from stressing over my driving test; (which I PASSED) to finalising my Marketing Apprenticeship to house hunting, I have had barely anytime to happily chill! I have had a small break from blogging but I have finally managed to get round to reviewing the Ciate Nail Polish Advent Calendar.

The original price of the calendar was £42.00 which I just couldn’t justify as I rarely did my nails myself. But as soon as I found it in TK MAXX for a steal of Continue reading “Ciaté Nail Polish Advent Calendar”

The Ultimate Mac Nudes

Every girl should have their number one (or 5) go to lipstick… and I’m going to reveal mine! Mac Honeylove and Mac Velvet Teddy are both gorgeous nudes that create two different twists to a makeup look.

Nudes have been huge this season but there are so many variations that it is hard to find the perfect one. Nudes vary from coral peaches, “barely there” baby pinks and Continue reading “The Ultimate Mac Nudes”

Christmas Wrapping Combo

This time last year I had all my cards written, presents wrapped and felt as organised as ever! This year is definitely a different story. It has come around so quick. Christmas is a great time of year for many people but the build up can become quite stressful and very expensive! This year I have definitely tried sticking to a tighter budget. Compared to last year, I now have bills and priorities which means being more cautious with my money.

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My Lip Filler Experience

I have always wanted nice fuller lips – even before this whole “Kylie Jenner” lip obsession came in. It’s been something that’s made me very self conscious for a while, so I would constantly over draw my lip liner; which we all know looks CRAP! Before I was 18 (and legal to have lip filler) I vowed that as soon as I could I will book myself in and “just go for it”. But then I read into it more and the possible side effects and the procedure. I am PETRIFIED
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OOTD – 16/11/15

As the winter weather approaches I love to be snug and cosy! What better way than to wear FUR FUR and more FUR! (Faux Fur of course!)

The above was one of my cosiest outfits for
my cold walk to work… Continue reading “OOTD – 16/11/15”

Schwarzkopf vs.TRESemmé – Styling Sprays

When choosing a styling spray I want to ensure my hair dries soft, full of bounce and naturally shiny. I have struggled to find one that gives me all three but I have found the perfect combination!

Schwarzkopf Got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Styling Spray – £4.19 Continue reading “Schwarzkopf vs.TRESemmé – Styling Sprays”

Colour B4 Hair Colour Removal – Extra Strength

After my small disaster with the Garner Olia Intense Copper I had to hide the fluorescent orange mess that was on my head. I never wanted to go a dark colour because I have been dark brown / black before and when I want a change it feels impossible to shift without using bleach.

I used Colour B4 around 41/2 years ago when I died my hair jet black. I don’t completely Continue reading “Colour B4 Hair Colour Removal – Extra Strength”