Urtekram, Always Organic.

I suffer from very sensitive skin which gets irritated very easily; I have struggled to find a body lotion that does exactly what I need; smooth my skin, reduce rashes, reduces itchiness and doesn’t irritate. My main problem area is my shins; when I’m anxious I tend to itch my legs (very strange I know) but some nights, subconsciously in my sleep I have scratched then to the point they are bleeding; it definitely doesn’t help that I treat myself to extremely long pointed acrylics that are lethal! For many years I have used E45 Moisturising Body Lotion which works well but doesn’t have that luxurious feel I want. It helps reduce the inflammation from my crazy scratching attacks but it feels very medicinal to use.

I was lucky to be sent 2 products from Urtekram; an organic wholesalers, from their Coconut Collection. One of which was an Organic Coconut Body lotion. I have been searching for a body lotion that won’t irritate my sensitive skin but still feel like I have pampered rather than “treated”.

The problem with using E45 as my body lotion is that it has no scent which is what I am after; something that is going to make me skin fell and SMELL amazing!

I have been using the Urtekram Coconut Body lotion for 6 weeks and it has genuinely made a difference to the way I moisturise my body. It isn’t as thick as a lot of other products; It has just the right consistency to make a little go a long way. It has a subtle, sweet coconut scent which comes naturally from the organic ingredients which is exactly what I have been looking for!

For anyone that is looking for a luxurious body lotion but have sensitive skin like myself, I would definitely recommend the Urtekram range!

As well as the body lotion they were kind enough to send me their Coconut Shower Gel. I am a massive fan of the Original Source because of all the natural content. But the Urtekram Coconut Shower Gel seriously competes with this well-known brand!

As mentioned, my sensitive skin is something I have to think of when buying shower gels, a lot of fragranced products cause so much irritation. But the Urtekram Shower Gel has a lovely subtle smell that doesn’t flare up any sensitive areas. It is a little more runny than most shower gels but it’s great that the bottle features a pump.

If you have sensitive skin or if you’re just looking for products that contain nothing but goodness, then Urtekram is definitely a brand you should check out!

Not a fan of coconut? Have no fear! They have a huge selection of products ranging from Nordic Berries to Aloe Vera!

I have got my eye on their Spray Conditioners, I have extremely dry hair! So hopefully one of the Urtekram Spray Conditioners will soon feature on Sophie Loves Beauty.

Have you ever used an Urtekram product? I would love to know which ones!








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