Edible Personalised Christmas Present By CakeToppers

Although I primarily review beauty products I couldn’t not speak about the perfect gift this Christmas. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than something personalised… and edible!


These gorgeous cupcakes are from www.CakeToppers.co.uk. They offer a huge range of personalised cupcakes, decorated with your own message, numbers, flowers, hearts, stars or pretty much anything you can dream up! From an amazing price of £5.95; including delivery!

I didn’t want to get my logo printed because I thought it was a basic thing to print. I wanted to print vibrant photos and see if they printed in good quality… I can assure you they did! You wouldn’t think it was printed on icing, they look incredible! The colours are bright, defined and look so cute. None of the colours had ran and there was practically no pixalation, even though the images were really detailed; taken on a D-SLR.

I am a lover of icing, I could eat it on its own; bad I know! But not only did the icing look adorable it was yummy! But it wasn’t just the icing that was delicious the cakes themselves were tasty.They are available in both vanilla and chocolate; both were just perfect! It may sound dramatic but probably one of the most enjoyable cupcakes I have had; not dry, great texture, perfectly moist, soft and so so moreish!- it may worry you having cake sent in a cardboard box to your house but it doesn’t affect the taste / quality of them at all. They were delivered in perfect condition. They come wrapped perfectly to ensure they stay fresh; within the parcel there is also all of the nutritional information, use by date etc…


To summarise CakeToppers… They were gone in 30 seconds – my boyfriend and I loved them and discussed when are we getting more!?! He bit my face off first; is he trying to tell me something? Haha!


I will definitely be ordering more from CakeToppers. In fact, any opportunity to order a 9 box of their cakes (£22.99) I will! If there cupcakes are anything to go buy, I might just have to order myself a full sized cake! All birthdays in future will be celebrated with a cake from CakeToppers.


So make sure you order your loved ones a personalised cupcake; a picture of you together, their pet, family photo? Your opportunities are endless and they will sure go down a treat. They are a perfect Christmas present!

Make sure you follow CakeToppers to keep up to date with all their delicious products:

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Visit – https://www.caketoppers.co.uk



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