Christmas Decor Hacks

Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get the tree up, brighten the house up with Christmas lights, and spread festivity EVERYWHERE! Even the bathroom gets given a festive touch.

But we all know how expensive Christmas is and if you’re like me; you dread having to part with so much money for one day and plead for January payday. It can become so stressful making your pay check stretch. Which is why I hate splashing out on Christmas decor for it to sit in a box for 11 out of 12 months of the year. Why can’t we become DIY enthusiasts or savvy at Christmas and not splash out? I have put together some ideas that have inspired me to become more conscious of the price of decorations this Christmas… and in some cases, they are just plain genius!

My main issue with spending so much money on Christmas decorations is that they will be stuffed into a box and put away, not to be seen for 11 months until we are back within the festive period. Which is why I love the idea of making your Christmas decorations all year round fixtures in your house without making you look like a crazy Christmas obsessed person – we all have that one person in our town who never takes their decorations down, or puts them up in August!

Making your Christmas Decorations Year Round Home Decor

Fairy Lights!!! – I am a huge fairy light fanatic. I think they make a room feel warm and cosy. Since I was young I have always bought a set of fairy lights and wrapped them around the headboard of my bed – I find the subtle light so relaxing.

So why not invest in some fairy lights and get creative with them around your home to create a cosy lighting all year round.

Don’t make the assumption that all Christmas lights are bulky, my finest memory of Christmas lights is spending the first 3 hours of tree decoration untangling the big ball of tangled wires! You can buy gorgeous, dainty Christmas lights that can be used in hundreds of ways. My favourite set of dainty Christmas lights ate the mice battery range available on There Twitter always makes me feel Christmassy!


As well as little fairy light sets; I have recently come across the most incredible fairy light product; I don’t know if I have been hid under a rock but SUBMERSIBLE FAIRY LIGHTS!?!? What a great idea; the opportunities are endless and can for sure be used all year round. Whether you use them in a vase full of water as a table centre piece or light up your flowers, they look amazing floating in the water, creating a mesmerising visual.

If these are something you have never come across before they are available at for only £1.99 – available in amber, blue and pink. Which is great because these colours don’t scream Christmas lights!


As I have just mentioned my favourite way of using fairy lights all year round is wrapping them around my bed head-board which looks adorable, either in your own room or your kids –


Or if you are really creative using them to create wall art in your teenagers bedroom is a great look –


Putting Christmas lights in jars, bottles or glass ornaments is also a genius way to use your fairy lights all year round.


Avoid the typical Christmas colour schemes – Red and Green should never be seen in July!
Metallics have been huge this year so why not choose decorations in a gorgeous rose gold? Or brass? Of course if you choose to purchase a huge rose gold hanging snowflake it will be obvious as a Christmas themed item but items like the below can easily be incorporated into your year round Christmas decor…


I love these rose gold initials being sold on Not On The High Street in the Christmas decor section. They are advertised as the perfect Christmas tree decoration but these can naturally be added to your home. If you have children it would be lovely to get there initial and hang them on their door handle? Or in their bedroom? I think they are a really cute decoration that doesn’t scream Christmas but can be used during the festive period as well as the other 11 months of the year.


Another decoration I have stumbled across on the internet is this gorgeous set of metallic gold deers. Although they are being advertised as a Christmas decoration deer / stag heads have appeared everywhere this year when it comes to home decor. Which why; as photographed, I believe they can make great, year round, book ends. That again, doesn’t scream Christmas.


Hanging ornaments! Hanging hearts have always been my favourite home decoration and in the past couple of years they have been very popular as Christmas tree decorations. The above ones are available in Next in the Christmas decor area. They also have gorgeous wooden stars that would be perfect in a shabby chic bathroom.


A cinematic light box is a great investment, especially one that comes with different characters like the one in the image above. As well as coming with little present images to make it festive; it has images for every occasion / mood. From a love heart to batman mask. This is a great product to add festivity with a message during Christmas but to also use all year round to create whatever stylish message you like!

Lets Get Creative!

I have to share with you my favourite DIY finds this Christmas – some of them are genius and look so fun to make.

The frist DIY project is a Christmas wreath. Although a Christmas wreath can’t be used all year round; depending on the style you want, they can be a little pricy to only sit on your door for a month. For this great DIY hack all you need is a swimming noodle and old baubles!!!!

Get the glitter out! 

Glitter always makes things drab exciting! One of my favourite glitter DIY is transforming mason jars into gorgeous decor. Whether to use as a tea light holder, vase or for general decoration. Using old coffee jars is a great, cheap DIY way to add some glitter to your home!


Home Made Advent Calendars All The Family Can Enjoy!

Advent calendars have gone crazy! Gone have the days where advent calendars have cartoons on the front with cheap chocolate inside for as little as £1.

You can now buy beauty, tea, premium chocolate… basically whatever you want in an advent calendar you can probably find! Some of them mounting into the hundreds…

So why not make your own, simply google it and hundreds if not thousands of gorgeous ideas come up that will look incredible in your home. I put some images of my favourites here:


Who else has some great ways to make your Christmas Decorations look great in your house all year round? Or some DIY hacks?



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