Sleek Colour Corrector Palette

I’m not going to lie about the fact I have only recently discovered how amazing colour correcting is and now I can’t live without doing it on a daily basis. I suffer from really bad red cheeks – it isn’t a heat controlled thing, as a natural ginger I have naturally rosy cheeks, which I have always tried to cover with layer upon layer of foundation and powder.

As well as rosy cheeks I often break out in horrible, large red spots which as we all know aren’t easy to cover! I have always attempted to cover them in a bog standard porcelain concealer which in most cases just made my skin dry.

I am a massive fan of makeup videos on Instagram and Facebook, I could watch them endlessly. The more and more I watched the more I noticed colour correction being used and knew I needed to give it a try.

The first weirdly coloured product I bought was a green concealer by Natural Collection –
because I had never owned a piece of green makeup I didn’t want to splash out! Lets just say it lasted me ten minutes because I just couldn’t get enough of how well it covered my horrendous red spots! I knew I needed to invest more time and money into colour correcting.

So I decided to buy the Sleek Colour Correcting Palette.


At first I thought “What the hell am I supposed to do with ALL of these colours” But the packaging gives you a great explanation to guide you for which colour helps what area. To summarise it here is a graphic that helped me understand the colour correcting world:


Of course the Sleek Colour Correcting palette is the first I have used of its kind so I don’t have much to compare it to; but I honestly think this product is great! I just wish it was deeper – it hasn’t lasted me long which is disappointing but maybe that’s because it is a new product I have tested. Now that I know which colours work in the best areas for me I should be able to use it a little more reasonably.

The only slight negative I have is that although the green initially covers the spots really well it doesn’t seem to stay through out the day. However I have never put this product on and then used a setting spray which might abolish this negative.


If anyone wants an introductory product to Colour Correcting or haven’t found the colour correcting product that’s right then I would definitely recommend this one… and for £7.99 it is a great drugstore product!

Of course, SWATCHES! Because what would be a beauty blog post without a set of swatches?!


If you have any colour correcting products that you can’t get enough of, comment and let me know!


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