Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection


I love Real Technique brushes! So when I first saw the metallic range I fell in love. But if I’m being honest I wasn’t willing to spend £18- £25 per brush on the new set. As beautiful as they were I knew I couldn’t get the entire range without having to splash out – because lets admit, they are too beautiful to just buy one.

Innocently, I took a trip to TK Maxx just to have a nosey; to be honest I never shop in TK Maxx but I am glad I spontaneously went in for a browse.

I stumbled across this Real Technique Bold Metals Collection with an RRP of £60, but the TK Maxx price of…..


I just couldn’t believe it! These brushes are beautifully soft and each colour is stunning.

The collection contained 2 face brushes, one of them an exclusive and a bonus eye brush.


I have managed to pick up an amazing bargain! The individual brush prices are as follows:



They are gorgeously soft and I can’t wait to start using them! I have stumbled across these great graphics that tell you the best way to use your new brushes:


I have tried to find the collection on the TK Maxx website so I can link back to it and share it with you guys but it isn’t online 😦 So make sure you head into your local TK Maxx and search for this bargain! They are definitely worth it.


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