October Home Decor Inspiration

I am constantly on instagram or pinterest searching for home decor inspiration. I love interior design and would love to take it up as a hobby. With the house hunting still underway and a little more saving to go. Me and my boyfriend; Kieran, are deciding what theme we want in each room.

Here are a few items we have recently added to our wishlist:

This beautiful Crushed Velvet Arm Chair for our spare room / office – £395 from VintageVibe.com

Crushed Velvet Arm Chair

A Faux Sheep Skin Rug – this took a lot of persuading but I have finally managed to persuade Kieran into adding it to our wishlist! You can get them from ikea for £130.

sheep skin rug

LANTERNS, LANTERNS and MORE LANTERNS. Okay, so Kieran is getting very annoyed about my obsession with lanterns but I just LOVE them! I think they add such a chic, warm feeling to any room / home so I want them all! We already have a collection but I love these ones: very much out of price range for a set of lanterns but I’m sure I could find a cheaper alternative! £145.00 – £155.00 from Nordic House.


I have always wanted a photo wall either in the living room or on the landing so I have started adding prints and frames to my wish list on NotOnTheHighStreet.com.

I want to recreate something like the below. Depending on the prints you decide to use I want to be able to create positivity and a little inspiration.


Prints in my Not On The High Street Wishlist:


Mirrored furniture is so gorgeous! I love it so much. Especially in dark rooms I think it reflects what little light there may be and lights up the room. I really want a full mirrored bedroom set; bedside tables, vanity table, wardrobe, draws. I have found a set in Next for £1200 for a 5 piece set and it is beautiful!

Here are a couple of inspiration pictures:

So guys, where do you get your home inspiration from?


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