Day out in Blackpool


It has been many years since I have been to Blackpool Beach and boy has it changed! It is so much cleaner and it just feels fresh.

There is a selection of buildings and places that will never change and have been old-fashioned / slightly run down even since I was there as a child but the buzz is so nice.

We decided (Me, Kieran and his parents) to have a spontaneous bank holiday trip up and it was great fun – and the weather was gorgeous!

We enjoyed a quick-lunch in a weatherspoons – which was probably the fanciest I’d ever been in haha! It was huge and had clearly had a lot of money spent on it. It was 4 floors with a terrace roof over looking the beach.

There seems to be so much more to see and do – with karaoke bars, little bit of shopping and the cute little stalls that sell home-made fudge and of course sticks of ROCK!!!

We had great fun going into the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum which was well priced at only £6 each! You get to see all sorts of weird and wonderful things – and if you have kids there is some great things for them to interact with! Unfortunately I didn’t get to go on any rides which is my favourite thing to do but with going on rides/ rollercoasters being my boyfriends biggest fear I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Of course we didn’t miss the arcades! We must have spent an hour on 2p machines only to win 2 key ring but its all in the fun! I would recommend it as a fun day out but I will definitely be going to a small beach in Wales next time for a little more tranquility.

For a bank holiday it wasn’t crazily busy – but the traffic was horrendous!

I have thrown together some photos taken on our little bank holiday trip.


I would love to know how you spent the bank holiday or if you could recommend some small tranquil beaches to visit?


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