Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Fortune Favours The Brave

So I am going to talk a little about the Fortune Favours The Brave Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette. I have been wanting to buy a Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette for a while now only because they are such an amazing price, and let’s face it – we all LOVE a bargain! I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous looking one for only £9.99(!!!).  As much as I love the Urban Decay palettes £40 a piece a little too steep for me especially as I have only recently started wearing eyeshadow everyday.


The pigment of this eyeshadow palette is great for the price and it stays on throughout the day even without a primer. The only colours I would probably knock slightly are the paler colours like the white – I love using a white eyeshadow in the corners of my eye to highlight it slightly. The white shade in this palette would be great if it was a little more pigmented. Apart from that I have no peeves what so ever.


The shades are really easy to blend and build up. And best of all every shade has a partner in crime; I have found it so easy to create an entire eye look with shades just from this palette. I hate having eyeshadows from four different pallets that go well together when you can have them all in one.

I think the packaging is gorgeous for such a bargain product and the fact it has a full mirrored inside is just what every girl needs! It also comes with a little 2 sided brush – a thinner end for precision and a thicker for blending. I think the brushes are a little harsh and I wouldn’t personally use it for blending but it is great that the affordable product comes with one. I just couldn’t stop staring at the palette when I first bought it, the marbled effect on some of the shades are just stunning – which reflects even when they are blended on your eye lid.



I would recommend this product to anyone who; like me, isn’t willing to use your Urban Decay pallet EVERYDAY and need a cheaper alternative for everyday use. There is a shade for every occasion – sassy, eye-popping greens to shimmering nudes, they are all lush!


So girls, have you tried any of the other Makeup Revolution Palettes? If so I would love to know which ones!

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