Maybelline “The Nudes” Eyeshadow Palette

I wasn’t going to review this product but it is just too good not to! The Maybelline “The Nudes” Palette is one of the best drug store eyeshadow palettes I’ve owned. For a great price of £9.99 it really is a great product.

Although Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes are deemed to be everyones must haves I do believe for a drugstore product this is a great cheaper alternative.

My favourite combination is the below…

Nudes Numbered lookPallette 2.jpg

Using No 1 close to the eyelash line, in a eye liner style I create a medium sized line from one corner of my eye to the other using a thin flat brush. I use a Real Technique brush from the “Core Collection” £21.99 (Bronze Coloured Brush in the below image). Although the brush is actually a lip brush it is great for precision eye makeup.

brushed edited 2When applying colour No 2 I use a thicker brush from the Seventeen make up brush range (£1.99). I use this brush to blend the golden colour with the dark colour I first applied. I carry on blending the two colours by moving the brush in a window screen wiper motion. I do this until the first colour is blended evenly with the second colour. I then use the same brush to apply the third colour all the way up to my eye brow arch to highlight the brow bone and define my eyebrows more. Again; ensuring that the gold is blended with the cream colour. I then apply my eye liner (which I am still shocking at!) and then my eye lashes. I am wearing in
the below look Eyelure Exaggerate 140 lashes (£5.35).

And of course, what is an eyeshadow palette blog piece without a set of swatches..


I really can’t wait to purchase the “Blushed Nudes” Palette they have just released. It is definitely on my wish list after using this one.


I would recommend this product to everyone who isn’t willing to spend £25+ on an Urban Decay palette. It really is great! It lasts all day for me without using any primer, I do however spray my entire face with an Urban Decay setting spray to ensure my makeup lasts through the day at work.

So guys, have you used this produce and enjoy using it as much as I do? Would you recommend any other drug store eyeshadow palettes?x


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