Ciaté Nail Polish Advent Calendar

The past couple of months have been mega busy; from stressing over my driving test; (which I PASSED) to finalising my Marketing Apprenticeship to house hunting, I have had barely anytime to happily chill! I have had a small break from blogging but I have finally managed to get round to reviewing the Ciate Nail Polish Advent Calendar.

The original price of the calendar was £42.00 which I just couldn’t justify as I rarely did my nails myself. But as soon as I found it in TK MAXX for a steal of £10 I couldn’t resist!

The advent calendar looks absolutely adorable with its great christmas theme:

20151230_144930368_iOS            20151230_145002693_iOS

But what made it extra special and a great gift to any beauty lover is the quotes on the inside of each door (click the images to expand):

This blog post really is swatches galore! Below are the swatches of all of the magical colours I got in my calendar… (click the images to expand)

The nail varnish itself lasts a reasonable amount of time without chipping: 5-8 days and looks great! The colours are so vibrant and glossy. It is great quality! Below are images of the product:


What makes this advent calendar great is you don’t only get nail varnish! You get nail dust and nail caviar as well!


I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy a gift for a friend/ family or just for yourself. There are never the same colours within the calendar so what gorgeous colours you get really is a surprise!

Are you nail varnish crazy and can’t wait for Christmas 2016 then why not visit their website now? Ciatè London Online Shop.  They have gorgeous bundles online like the below:

Image One: BLOCKBUSTER CLASSICS, 10 x 13.5 ml, £85.00
Image Two:
BLOCKBUSTER POP BRIGHTS, 10 x 13.5ml, £85.00

Product overal rating: 8.9/10



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