My Lip Filler Experience

I have always wanted nice fuller lips – even before this whole “Kylie Jenner” lip obsession came in. It’s been something that’s made me very self conscious for a while, so I would constantly over draw my lip liner; which we all know looks CRAP! Before I was 18 (and legal to have lip filler) I vowed that as soon as I could I will book myself in and “just go for it”. But then I read into it more and the possible side effects and the procedure. I am PETRIFIED
of needles, so it wasn’t going to be something I would happily go through with without hesitation.

After searching round for somewhere local to get them done, I found a company called The Skin Clinic. They had a Facebook page with a variety of before and after photos on, which looked amazing! So after months of hesitation (because of my needle phobia) I booked myself in. Because it was my first time I was adviced to go for 1ml not 1.5ml to ensure my lips take to it and test the elasticity.

I was so so so nervous about the procedure so I took my boyfriend to hold my hand. When I arrived I had to read a variety of possible side effects, terms and conditions and general info, then sign to say that I understood it all. I asked the lady to literally pile on the numbing cream, this was more of a piece  of mind thing for me!

My lips went completly numb which I was so relieved  about! I lay down on the bed with my boyfriends hand clamped between mine and started to have the injections…

Honestly, it was REALLY uncomfortable but no where near as painful as I thought it was going to be. The lady was so supportive of the fact I was nervous and warned me every time she was going to put the needle in. It was like loads of little scratches that stung slightly. After a series of injections on my top and bottom lip I got to take a look! Although it wasn’t a drastic difference, I now had a top lip!!! Instantly I wanted more to get the perfect plumped pout I was desiring. I was warned that they will swell up, and boy did they! After a couple of hours my lips were humongous. It felt so odd. I had to use a straw to drink my drink because they were a little sore and still slightly numb.

6 hours later – the swelling (please excuse my god awful make up free skin)

  The swelling was very uncomfortable but it only lasted 24hrs.

Morning after – still slightly swollen (before & after) 

12235132_2234323706706761_7334606654215677951_nI was so eager to put lipstick on and see what it looked like! My favourite lipstick (in the right image) is Mac Velvet Teddy with Whirl Lipliner.

A month later I still love my lips. They have given me so much confidence. If anyone is nervous about this procedure I can’t stress enough how easy it is compared to how you think. I am very excited to book myself in again in the new year for a 1.5ml top up – hopefully this will help me achieve my final desired look.


After swelling…

So girls.. Would you ever consider filler? If you already have I would love to see your before and after photo!


3 thoughts on “My Lip Filler Experience

  1. Aww, they look awesome! I’m so pleased you’re happy with the result. I waited ages to get a nose job and am totally glad I did it, so I know how you feel! I’d love to have my lips done but the needles would scare me so much! 😛

    Ashton |


    1. Aww, thank you! I am nearly there to be 100% happy with them. A nose job sounds so scary but congratulations on going through with it! I know it took me a lot of courage to finally just go for it. It really isn’t that scary – and thats coming from someone who faints when having their flu jab! 😊

      Sophie – Sophie Loves Beauty


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