Colour B4 Hair Colour Removal – Extra Strength

After my small disaster with the Garner Olia Intense Copper I had to hide the fluorescent orange mess that was on my head. I never wanted to go a dark colour because I have been dark brown / black before and when I want a change it feels impossible to shift without using bleach.

I used Colour B4 around 41/2 years ago when I died my hair jet black. I don’t completely remember the outcome but I know that I managed to get bleach blonde hair shortly after without damaging my hair as bad as I would have with 2 sets of bleach – so I was fairly optimistic that it would shift the colour I currently had.

To see the full scientific explanation of how Colour B4 works CLICK HERE – from my understanding it shrinks the undesired colours molecules so that you can wash them away!

So a couple of weeks ago I used Garnier Olia Intense Copper and the outcome was way to bright for me to attempt to rock! So I dyed over it with a dark brown; hoping it would cover the flourescent pumpkin on my head. I didn’t want to go too dark because I really don’t suit it with my pale complexion. The below pictures are of my hair before; very multi-tonal.

Colour B4 Before      Colour B4 Before 3       Colour B4 Before 2

I was worried that the reddish tone that was left in my hair after would be hard to shift or might turn a horrible yellowy / orange colour. But I took the plunge and went for it!

The pack suggests that if you have thick or longer than shoulder length hair to buy 2 packs – I always do this for hair dye so I did the same for this. It turns out that it wasn’t necessary. I have crazy thick hair and one pack evenly covered it all.

The below picture was taken after I had finished completely covering my hair with still another hour left before I had to wash it off. Already I was impressed with how much the colour had lifted. I decided to put a plastic bag over my hair while it worked its magic; just so my natural body heat would speed up the process. You can also use cling film for the same effect.
Colour B4 During

The Colour B4 has to be left on for 1 hour before rinsing. Almost immediately I could see the colour fading and my hair gradually being replenished of its natural colour. When the hour is over the instructions stress that you HAVE to rinse 10 an entire 10 minutes. They suggest for comfort to get shower and send there for this time period. This is something to do with rinsing out the shrunken hair colourant particles. Once you have then rinsed for ten you need to apply half of Part C (The colour buffer) leave for a 2-5 mins then rinse again for another 5. Then one final step is to use the rest of Part C, leave for a minute and then completely rinse. My hair felt a little dry and tangled at this point so I used my normal conditioner; left it on for five minutes then rinsed.

I could physically see that my hair was a lot lighter! I was slightly worried because my roots looked very light compared to the rest of my hair but I was eager to dry it and see the results.

And like magic; my results..

IMG_3211      Colour B4 After

I am so impressed with the level of lift Colour B4 has managed to give my hair. I was worried it would be horribly yellow/ orange but I am in love with my hair now! I bought an off blonde to use after in case it did go horribly wrong but I don’t want to change it at all. It is a very even natural looking colour! And the bonus… it isn’t dry at all. Infant it has been a couple of days since I used Colour B4 now and it has felt better than ever!

Before and After Colour B4


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