Urban Decay Naked Illuminated

The Urban Decay Naked Illuminated (£22.50) is a MUST for any girl this Autumn/Winter. Available in 2 shades; Aura and Luminous, it is a great way to add a natural looking glow to your make up routine.

Urban Decay Illuminator 3          Urban Decay Illuminated 5
The compressed powder comes in a gorgeous glittered box and has an in-box mirror – perfect for using on the go! As well as the gorgeous packaging the product is completed with a small soft flat brush; perfect to angle the glow onto your cheek bones! Not only is this product great for creating a lovely glow on your face but can be used on your body as well – it is perfect for creating a summer glow on your collar bones!

With products like the Urban Decay Illuminated I worry that it will be way too glitter heavy. But this product has a gorgeous balance of shimmer, glitter and “illuminating” colour.
Urban Decay Illuminated.jpg e     Urban Decay Illuminated Fing

I would defiantly recommend this product. It is now an essential in my make up bag to ensure I have a lovely summer glow through the cold months!

Urban Decay tend to be out of stock often of this product but it is available in:

*This product was gifted to me by my big sister – Em’s Mixed Bag!


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