Aloha Lola Cards

Due to the fact I am trying to develop my fan base and interact with fellow bloggers I tend to search the general blogger hashtags – #bbloggers, #fbloggers #bbloggerswanted. Today I stumbled across a REALLY cute account that draws little characatures of yourself or a loved one @AlohaLolaCards 

On this occasion I was lucky to stumble across an offer they were doing just for bloggers (a FREE drawing) but they also have an Etsy store that sells the drawings for a great price – You can purchase a christmas present, birthday cards…

I absolutely love mine and you wouldn’t believe how quick it took – really talented! Mine will be printed, laminated and proudly put on my display board. I just love little quirky things like this that are so personal.


So make sure you check out their Twitter and Etsy.

If you are a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger you may still be up for the chance of a free drawing!


3 thoughts on “Aloha Lola Cards

  1. Aw I love Aloha Lola Cards! She did the cutest drawing for me too, I was in love! I too love how quirky and personal it is. I’m waiting until I move into my new home to get it printed and framed. 😀

    Ashton |


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