Bootea Bundle Box

I have used a couple of the Bootea products before and was really impressed with the results. I used the 14 day teatox (£19.99) about 6 months ago and lost 9.5lbs – this was with little exercise and a slight change to my diet. I used the Bootea Shake but only for 5 days, but I still lost 3.5lbs. The reason I didn’t use the shake for the full 2 weeks worth of shakes is because I really didn’t enjoy the flavour! It is a shame Bootea don’t offer a variety of flavours for people who aren’t that keen on berry flavoured things. But this time I am determined to continue the full 14 days because the results will be worth it.

Bootea Review Main Image

B00tea 14 Day Teatox £19.99 
Bootea Tea

Having already used the teatox before I know how this product works and the results! It taste’s great, both the day and night. I really enjoy the night time tea – it settles me ready for going to sleep! If the taste isn’t quite to your liking try putting a small slice of lemon in with the tea bag. The one thing I have seen a lot of people panic about; including myself before I tried it, is the laxative effect… Honestly; it really isn’t that bad! Yes, it does give you slight stomach cramps – but don’t expect to be shitting yourself every step you take. When you get up in the morning; just simply go to the toilet then make your morning tea. Having the morning tea always seemed to settle my stomach. Obviously everyone will react differently but for me it wasn’t something that disrupted my day. However; for your first night time tea I would ensure it is a weekend to establish how your body will react. You don’t want to be running to the toilet at work eeeeek.

B00tea Shake (£24.99)
Bootea Shake

The Bootea Shake was the second addition to their range – I purchased this from Holland & Barratt (£29.99) shortly after using the teatox. I was slightly sceptial about the flavour – I really don’t enjoy anything artificially berry flavoured; I don’t eat strawberry ice-cream or drink strawberry milkshake 😦 I was on a determined journey to lose weight and read some great reviews so wanted to go for it. Unfortunately I just didn’t enjoy it, the flavour was very artificial and was not easy to drink! When you shook the shake it left a lot of foam on the top. The shake itself was a funny bright lilac colour. I blame my dislike though purely because of my hate for berry flavoured things; so this is nothing to do with Bootea’s products itself but my dislike. I am sure a lot of people would enjoy it! I used the shake for 5 days but still lost 3.5lbs – I am determined this time to continue all of the shake course knowing that if I can lose that much weight in such little time that the full course will be great!

Products I haven’t yet tried but will be over the next 2 weeks…

Because of the great results from the Tea and Shake I was intrigued to try the slightly newer additions to the range…

Bootea Little Oats (£9.99)
Bootea Oats

Bootee’s Claim – “I’ll provide a protein fuelled and fibre rich breakfast option which is easy to make (30 seconds) and can be taken anywhere. I’ll leave you feeling comfortably full whilst giving your body a variety of nutrients to leave you feeling energised and motivated to reach your fitness goals.”

Bootea Multivitamins (£11.99)
Bootea Vitamins

Bootee’s Claim – “My Multi Vitamin Capsules are everything you need to ensure you get the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of essential vitamins and nutrients required for overall well-being, vitality and immunity.”


Bootea Travel Cup (£9.99)
Bootea Cup Collage

I LOVE THIS – Bootea only released their new Travel Cup this week. It is so cute and small enough to put in your handbag! I am looking forward to having my first morning tea in it.

Bootea Shaker (£4.99)
Bootea Shaker

The Bootea Shaker (to be used with the Bootea Shake) comes in either pink or black! Small enough to fit in your handbag or gym bag and a general great accessory.

All of the above can be purchased in the Bootea Bundle Box (£51.95)

bundle_60aaced1-e60f-451d-8848-6026c2a16d20_1024x1024IMG_2994Bootea Delivery Box

I will be starting my 2 week Bootea journey tomorrow and will keep you all up to date! I am in serious need to lose some weight – my goal is to lose about 2 stone. Bootea will hopefully give me a kick up the backside and start my healthy living.

Keep checking back here for updates of my Bootea fortnight!


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