Garnier Olia 7.40 Intense Copper 


I have been dying my hair for around 6 years now. My natural colour is a nice bright ginger, a dark auburn. Of course, when I was 12/13 ginger was not a popular hair colour and I was sick of putting up with the name calling and jokes so I died my hair JET BLACK! When I think about it now I have no idea why! But I wanted to do it despite most of my family telling me not to.

A year went by and I was sick of having to top up my roots all the time. Black hair with ginger roots was not a good luck! Also my complexion did not suit jet black hair at all – I’ve never watched the Addams Family but my dad said I look like the mother! So I needed to get rid of it. I tried stripping my hair with “Colour B4” which turned my hair a brassy orange colour – and made my hair look like straw! I used Colour B4 twice in a desperate bid to get back to something similar to my dark auburn hair! But no luck – so I had to chop the lot; from hair down to the top of my bum to a pixie cut – hoping it will grow back quicker and restore my natural colour.

Impatient me overtook and I ended up dying my hair AGAIN! 13/14 I was BLEACH BLONDE – a horrible yellowy white. I was defiantly obsessed with the ability to change my hair colour so simply. I kept the blonde for a year – destroying my hair, bleaching it every 6-8 weeks. Since then I have gone crazy; Brown, purple, pink, blonde again, brown again – I just loved it! But now I wish I had never touched it! EVER. I desperately want to get my natural colour back and restore my hairs natural health. I was on a winning streak lately and hadn’t died my hair in about 3-4 months, which is a long time for me!

I have been searching for a nice ginger/auburn hair dye for a while! I used a Nice & Easy one; which just left my hair a light brown – really disappointing. So I went for it! The Garner Olia 7.40 Intense Copper.

My hair is currently a rainbow of different shades of blonde and light auburn – I hoped to achieve a “Florence & The Machine” type ginger! Vibrant but gorgeous!
I have dyed my hair a million times so know the process very well – this kit is mess free and doesn’t smell! I have VERY thick hair and one was nearly enough; but the second help cover those last little bits. As it started to develop I was feeling optimistic that I was going to reach the look I was going for –Olia Review On

After leaving it to develop for 30 mins I washed it off and the one word to describe it was BRIGHT! VERY BRIGHT. I try not to panic when I first wash it off because it always looks different once its dry. My Before and After image…

Before & After Olia

The result isn’t necessarily what I imagined but it does look like the pack – it looks a lot brighter than I thought it was going to be! It’s a little too bright and daring for me and doesn’t give me that “new hair “feeling. For people who are a little more daring then this colour defiantly makes you stand out! But unfortunately I will be off to my nearest boots as soon as I can to get myself a new colour to cover it up! My hair however doesn’t feel like straw at all – it actually feels really nice. I will keep you all posted on my hair journey.

A little after hair dye selfie…


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