Glitter Bling Sticker Case for iPhone 6+

Lately I’ve seen a lot of celebrities promoting phone skins. They are available in matte colours, glitter and metallic. It looked like a really fun way to give your phone a little makeover without having a chunky case. I hate it when a lovely case is bulky or just covers the back of the phone.

Because I was slightly sceptical about purchasing a phone skin I didn’t want to dive in and purchase a promoted one ( – £10.98) I decided to search the internet for a cheaper alternative. I didn’t want to spend £10 on something that might not look like the pictures and not stick on properly. 

I have always bought clear phone cases and screen protectors from Ebay  – cheap and cheerful! So I also managed to find these phone skins (CLICK HERE, £3.99)

The application of the sticker was easy! No cutting or resizing needed; you simply peel the different elements off one by one and place them directly to your phone. The kit also comes with a microfibre cloth to ensure your phone is completely clean before applying the sticker.



I was worried that the glitter would go everywhere and wear off easily but so far so good – I am not covered in glitter! As for the stickiness; all of the elements are sticky enough to stay on securely apart from the pieces that cover the top and bottom edges of the phone. I have an iPhone 6+ and I just couldn’t get the edges of these elements to stick down properly. Which is frustrating – but everything else was great.

I love how cute my phone looks now and will consider purchasing a couple of different colours. I just hope this one last’s a decent amount of time and doesn’t become tatty too quick. But if you don’t want to spend £10 on a glittery sticker; try the cheaper alternative and give your phone a cute lil make over!

Check out the below video I found on YouTube – it shows just how easy it is!


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